5 Different tourist spots in Bali

Whether you have come to Bali for diving and want to use your “no-fly” time to the fullest or you are relaxing for a few weeks soaking up the magic of Bali. Bali is steeped in rich heritage and culture. In all my trips whether it’s a return visit to the Monkey Forest or Tirta Gangaor Tirta Empul you always see something new. Here are some different suggestions away from the normal tourist trail. Massive shout out to Fredy from Bali Distinction Tours for looking after me once again. Please remember that most of the tourist attractions from Temples, Mount Agung and many other places are sacred. This is a key part of the beautiful culture of Bali and the warm caring people of Bali. Please show respect, follow the required protocols, No bare shoulders, No bikinis, wear a sarong, no climbing on sacred monuments. Show your love and respect for The Island of The Gods. If you are in doubt, ask your tour guide or indeed any Balinese person, they will be more than happy to help you.

1. Gubug Temple

Located in Munduk Village, Buleleng Regency. The temple is situated very close to two famous lakes: Lake Tamblingan and Lake Buyan. You can also cross Lake Tamblingan ina. Traditional boat. Gubug Temple is roughly a 2-hour drive from Seminyak and 1.5 hours from Ubud. The temple is isolated, and the original architectural beauty still stands. Very similar to Ulun Danu Temple but a lot less crowded. Best time of day is early morning as you can get the real sense of the mystic charm as mist rises from the lake and grassland with the heat of the rising sun. As with all religious sites please dress appropriately and respectfully.

2. Big Giant Tree (500 years old)

This is one of the largest eucalyptus trees in Bali. It is believed to be 500 years old, the name given to the tree is Kayu Putih because of the whiteness of the tree trunk. The tree is sacred and has mystical nuances. Ask any of the local people for stories about the tree. The site is 1hours drive from both Ubud and Seminyak in the Bayan Banjar, in Tabanan Regency (also famous for Saté).

3. Suwat Waterfall

A wonderful hidden paradise in the traditional village of Suwat. A new tourist magnet and very captivating. Best time is early morning before it gets busy during the daytime and certainly at weekends. It’s close to Ubud and about 80 minutes from Seminyak. There are shower facilities and food stalls. Please exercise caution as obviously the wet rocks can be slippery. For the best photo opportunities early morning is best, ask your guide from Bali Distinction Tours or go all out and hire a photographer like Dean Bali Photography (he works miracles- speaking from experience).

4. Leke Leke Waterfall

Complete with ticket booth and modern, well presented entrance there are plenty of road signs around to guide you in. It will take you about 15 minutes to the waterfall, it will get you in the mood with some bamboo bridges to traverse. If you arrive early morning you have a good chance of experiencing a stunning waterfall, hidden away in the majestic Balinese jungle. The scenery is magical and the water inviting but please remember to swim within your own capabilities as there may not be anybody else there to check on your safety. As Leke becomes more popular it will get busier so try and get there early doors.

5. Bunut Bolong Tree

This is a huge Banyan Tree with a road literally going through it. There are also a pair of shrines at the base of the tree as the tree is considered sacred. You can drive straight through( I didn’t trust myself and left if to Fredy from Bali Distinction Tours). If you get there at the right time of day you can try and catch the perfect photo with the sunlight perfusing through the opening. This unique tree is in Manggisari Village , Pekutatan Regency.Its abouts 2 hours from Ubud and Seminyak. Please again remember this is considered as a sacred tree, please show respect, just enjoy the magic of Bali.

With all your tour and transport requirements, it pays to use a trusted and recommended guide. I have use Bali Distinction Tours for many years now (www.balidistinctiontours.com) from touch down at the airport , Fredy has looked after me for more years than I care to remember, Ferry tickets, swab tests, getting to and from meetings and more importantly to places of interest and places to eat. It’s worth it for peace of mind and to make the most of your trip.